Guatemala - More pictures from 7/02/07

Aracely, not quite awake yet

Yasmin drawing and Yoselin

Yoselin sporting the latest style

Craig and Yoselin

Paulina buying plantains

At the market

Butcher stalls

Paulina buying pitaya

Walking home from the market

Yoselin,Yasmin,and Aracely drinking packets of milk

Yoselin, Aracely, and Yasmin eating pitaya


Yoselin, Yasmin, and Paola

Vanessa and Paulina making chiles rellenos

Helping Mom cook lunch

Aracely drawing pictures


Craig with Yoselin

Aracely drawing pictures

Chiles rellenos and fresh guacamole


Bulldog Yoselin

Steph and Junior

Steph and Paola with abuela

Luis, Paola, Rocio, Julissa (back), Junior, Yoselin, Neli (front)

Luis, Rocio, Yoselin, Paola

Paola and Yasmin styling Craig's hair

Craig, Steph, and Yasmin with props

Aracely looking comfy

Paola, Yasmin, and Vanessa playing the voting board game

Paulina, Vanessa, and Aracely drinking tea

Yoselin and Craig at dinner

Bulldog Yoselin

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