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12/12/2018 Chevalier Theatre, Medford, MA We enjoy Jewel's music, and we also enjoy her family's TV series "Alaska: The Last Frontier" which documents the Kilcher clan's homesteading life in Alaska. So when we saw that Jewel, her dad Atz, and brothers Atz Lee and Nikos would be touring with a holiday show, we were eager to attend. Jewel has said that it is a good way for the family to spend time together at the holidays. They also sell handmade crafts, the kinds of things they would give each other at Christmas as a homestead tradition. When we entered the lobby of the theater, I stopped at the merchandise table. I chose a wooden Christmas ornament and was looking for other things to buy when Atz appeared. I purchased his book, which he inscribed to us, and got a selfie with him. Unfortunately, Craig had become separated from me as people crowded the merchandise table. But you can see him in the background of the selfie! After that, we were standing off to the side of the lobby when Atz's wife Bonnie Dupree came down the stairs. We said hello to her and she was incredibly sweet, chatting with us for about 5 minutes. We talked about holiday plans, Bonnie's childhood visits to the North Shore, and MS, which Craig has in common with Atz and Bonnie's daughter-in-law Kelli. She was incredibly friendly and gracious. We went to our seats. The show started with Nikos, Atz Lee, and Atz performing on acoustic guitar and stand-up bass. They were for a couple of songs by Jewel's 7-year-old son Kase, who sang and played jaw harp to thunderous applause. (Jewel would later say that he won the hand-made merchandise content, as his bath bombs had long since sold out!) After their opening set, Jewel performed Christmas songs, hits, and requests a capella, on acoustic guitar, and with band. She yodeled with Atz, she sang with her brothers, and she embarrassed her best friend Christopher by pointing out that his fly was down. The camaraderie was heartwarming, and they were keen to bust one another's chops. Jewel is a vocal powerhouse and can sing anything from opera to folk to pop to soulful gospel. When not onstage, the charming Atz was roaming the audience, taking video on his phone as the audience sang along, and plucking women from the audience for a slow dance in the aisles. Home movies and family photos were projected on the stage. At the end of the show, the men donned ugly Xmas sweaters and snow fell onstage. It was a wonderful evening of around 2.5 hours of music and holiday cheer; just the thing to get us into the Christmas spirit!