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Adrian Belew Quartet at Center for Arts Natick (TCAN) 4/18/2019 Being able to see his guitar virtuosity in such an intimate venue was a great experience. The quartet was very tight and had such great energy! Appreciate that he took the time to meet fans afterwards; honored to get to shake his hand. At one point, he addressed the audience as "Massachusians" and then followed it up with "That's not right. What do you call yourselves?" Literally about half the audience shouted out in unison "Massholes!" He couldn't figure out what they were saying until bassist Julie Slick repeated it for him. "Massholes?!" he said incredulously and started to laugh. "I like that. You're self-deprecating. I practice that myself!" Julie Slick (bass), Jordan Perlson (drums), Saul Zonana (Keys, guitar, vocals)