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We had booked a trip to Ecuador for two weeks in January during which I would work remotely. When we visited Bhutan to see our Bhuatense son Sonam Tshering and his family in October, his sister/cousin Kinley invited him and us to visit her in Bangkok over Sonam's winter break from college. We were unable to take her up on the generous offer due to the Ecuador trip, but we had an idea. What if Sonam visited Bangkok and then flew to Ecuador to visit us? Bhutanese do not need a visa to visit Ecuador, so it seemed like the perfect plan. We booked flights so that Sonam would arrive and depart on the same days that we would, which would consolidate airport trips for the family. We had managed to snag ourselves business class tickets on Avianca for the same amount of money that we usually pay for economy on American, so that was a bonus. The only downside is that it is a red-eye, but being in comfortable business class seats meant that we should be able to rest comfortably. Poor Sonam had much longer flights than we had, flying from Bangkok to Amsterdam to Quito, with a long layover in between. We booked a room for him at Yotel at Schiphol Airport so that he was able to get some rest during his long layover. Sisa, Yupanqui, and Shina were very happy to hear that they would be gaining an honorary big "little brother."