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Having Frank over for homemade beef stew 9/26/04

We invited Frank to our house for dinner. At the time, Craig's brother Steve and his kids lived upstairs in our house. Frank was a bit concerned and asked if Steve would mind him coming over to the house. Naive as we are, we didn't understand what he was getting at. We asked what he meant, and he said, "Well, sometimes, neighbors have a problem with someone like me…" and he trailed off. Only then did we realize that he was talking about racism. Having always lived in this area, we hadn't even considered this as a concern. It saddened us that his experiences growing up in the South had led to this kind of concern, and we assured him that our family and friends would welcome him with open arms.

When he came over that day, he surprised us even more. I was flipping through a coffee table book of photographs of blues musicians. When we got to Clarence Gatemouth Brown, Frank said "I worked for him too!"

Craig and Steph
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