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Frank was just watching as everyone opened their Christmas presents, and occasionally, when Craig was free to watch, I would pass Frank a present. He was guessing all of the presents but wanted me to open them for him. He correctly guessed several boxes of handkerchiefs. I handed him a T-shirt and he said "What football player is this?" I said it wasn't football but baseball. "Red Sox?" he asked. I said Red Sox World Series Champion with all the players' names on it. He looked at it and smiled. I made him hold it up for a picture.

He guessed that the next gift was a dress shirt. It was indeed - a pimpin' purple shirt. He said it was beautiful and he hoped that it would fit. We said that Sherlock Holmes had been on the case and had checked out his size. He said that he was surprised that Sherlock Holmes picked out a shirt like that. I said that Craig had determined the size, but I had picked out the shirt. He said that made more sense. We then gave him Craig's parents' present: fancy sugar-free chocolates. He was happy and asked me to pick one out for him to eat. I said "Do you want milk chocolate or dark chocolate?" He said "I want one like me." I said "sweet dark chocolate, then."

Ever the generous spirit, Frank was genuinely saddened by the fact that he had no gifts to give to the family. We assured him that his presence was all the gift any of us needed.

Craig and Steph
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