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We arrived at Eloise's house shortly before 7.

Eloise and her daughter Patricia directed us across the street to Joe's house. We went inside and immediately recognized the house from a bunch of Frank's Christmas photos. It turned out that when he came to visit Mobile, Frank stayed with Joe. We saw Joe and he was genuinely happy that we had come by. We spoke to him about his deceased wife Rebecca. It is obvious that he was totally devoted to her, and misses her terribly. Both she and Frank's other sister Jessie Mae died back in 2001. Joe showed us around the house. He showed us photos of Rebecca and let us look through some of his photo albums.

Everyone gathered around the table to say grace. We all held hands. As guests, they insisted that we eat first. The food was delicious. There were fried catfish filets, decadent macaroni and cheese, rolls, potato salad, corn, cole slaw, and fried chicken. They insisted that we sit on the leather couches on the back porch to eat. Everything was delicious, and we washed it down with red Kool-Aid.

Craig and Steph
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