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Shemekia Copeland, Regattabar 2/25/2005

On February 25, we took Frank to see Shemekia Copeland at the RegattaBar. As she sang, she was about four feet directly in front of Frank. We could tell immediately that he was enjoying himself. He kept raising his right hand and he was practically dancing right out of his chair. At one point Shemekia introduced "Love Scene" by quoting a line from the song "Is anyone out there capable of giving me high romance on a foreign train?" Frank raised his hand and she saw him and burst into a smile saying "He wins. That's what I'm talkin' about." It was obvious that he was having a blast. He couldn't sit still. Near the end of the show he asked me if I shad seen her daddy [Johnny Clyde Copeland] perform. I said I had only heard him on records. Frank said that he used to do a little boogie. Shemekia sang "2 A.M." and asked everyone to sing along with the chorus at the end. Frank was singing away. "It's 2 A.M.!" It was so cute.

After the show, we bought Frank Shemekia's CD "Wicked" so that she could autograph it for him. Shemekia saw Frank and said, "Well hello. Thanks for coming." He asked if she knew who he was. She said she thought she remembered seeing him before. He said that he knew her dad and that he used to drive B.B's bus. She said that she toured with B.B. in the summer and we said that we had seen her with him. She signed the CD's and I asked if she could pose for a photo with Frank. She put her arm around him and I got a cute photo.

Craig and Steph
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