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New Year gifts from Wang Jun: two silver rings inspired by "Journey to the West," a 16th century Chinese novel in which Chinese Buddhist monk Xuanzang (a.k.a. Tang Sanzang) travels to India to obtain sacred Buddhist teachings. One of his helpers was Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, who wields a magical staff as a weapon against demons. Craig's ring is a representation of this staff.

The Monkey King is a bit wild and unpredictable, so Tang Sanzang places a gold ring around his head. If he misbehaves, Tang Sanzang recites the Ring Tightening Mantra, which makes the ring tighter and gives the Monkey King a headache until he behaves. My ring is modeled after this headband. Wang Jun explained that the significance is that Craig is the Monkey King, and I am Tang Sanzang keeping him in check.