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We passed this statue in Salcaja, in honor of those who have emigrated north to seek opportunities to help their families. It is located at a crossroads where the Panamerican highway leads to Mexico and then to the USA.

These people sacrifice their safety and their own personal security and happiness to try to earn enough money to keep their families fed and clothed.

This is the same situation that many of our own ancestors encountered, coming to the USA to seek a better life for their families.

We saw this statue in the past and it has haunted us. We can't imagine the anxiety and grief of the family members left behind, who don't know the fate of those who have emigrated.

The statue contains a prayer and a poem for the emigrant. Something to reflect on this 4th of July.

As I now must go to other lands to seek a decent life for my family, I ask your protection and intersession before God, for those who are on the road, for those of us who are on the road since you did not abandon the Migrant People. Help us achieve our purpose. Amen.

Migrant of Salcajá,
emigrant of valor
that by making your dream,
you make the sweetest love.

Looking at the horizon,
I think, behind you is the
moss of the mountains
hope your inspiration.

The distance is too long
but prayer still unites us.
We are the same substance,
we are the same heart.

Nature all around
is now your provider,
of the star, the brightness
and the purity of the wind.

Smile, do not be sad
God asks you to be happy,
when a new day dawns
not feel melancholy.

You crossed a road,
to become an emigrant,
to forge your destiny
and then one day succeed.

Salcajá cry your way,
I miss your warmth,
but in your coming,
I get back your love anew.

You left your mother crying,
as your father and your siblings;
together they are longing
to shake your sweet hands

Emigrant Salcajense
I admire your courage;
fight, fight with determination
because you are brave.

Craig and Steph
Created on
Tuesday 3 July 2018
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