July 22, 2015 - Wang Jun visits us in Boston

Our dear friend Wang Jun was in Boston today! He is guiding a group of 20 Chinese students on a tour across the USA. Their schedule is very busy, but we were able to meet up with him at Quincy Market for a short visit. The weather was beautiful. We arrived a little bit early, so we enjoyed some ice cream from Grasshopper Dairy at Faneuil Hall while we waited for Wang Jun's tour group to arrive from lunch in Chinatown.

Wang Jun called me when they arrived, and it turned out that we were each waiting on opposite sides of the market. We went to find him, and immediately recognized him. He was wearing the Ipswich T-shirt that we had given him on our visit to his home. It was so nice to see and welcome him to Boston!

Of course, we would have preferred to have been able to host him at our home, and introduce him to our family. But due to the fact that they weren'ty even staying overnight in Boston, we were grateful for thirty minutes together at Quincy Market. He presented us with a beautiful book of photos of our honorary goddaughter Ziting. It was a heavy little book with a glass cover, done in the same beautiful style as Wang Jun and Xiao Yi's wedding albums. He also presented the American Chili King with a grocery bag full of chili powder and Lao Gan Ma chili sauce straight from Guiyang. It was so thoughtful! He must have been relieved to get all of that heavy stuff out of his luggage!

We sat at an outdoor table and enjoyed frozen fruit "smoothies". We got updates about his family and Mr. Zhou. We chatted and reminisced about our trip. Before we knew it, our time was up and he had to gather the students. He has instilled punctuality in them, and when we arrived at their meeting place, they informed him that he only had 16 seconds to spare. Glad we didn't make him late!

It was such a treat to get to see Wang Jun and welcome him to our city!

September 26, 2015 - Our photos are featured in the Myths and Mountains catalog

We received the latest Myths and Mountains trip catalog in the mail this week. We always enjoy thumbing through their catalog of colorful and exotic destinations, planning our next adventures in our minds. For some reason, Craig was flipping through from back to front, admiring the photos, mostly taken by Toni and Allie from M&M. When he got to the China section, he felt a twinge of recognition as it dawned on him that he was looking at a 2-page spread featuring photos we had taken on our trip to China earlier this year! (Sister's Meal Festival in Guizhou on the left and Beihai Park in Beijing on the right). We are honored to have our photos featured in their catalog.

Thanks, Toni, Allie, and Jen!
Wang Jun and Craig at Quincy Market

Wang Jun and Craig at Quincy Market

Steph, Wang Jun, and Craig at Quincy Market

Steph, Wang Jun, and Craig at Quincy Market

Myths and Mountains catalog, Fall 2015

Myths and Mountains catalog, Fall 2015

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