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Amazing show by Eliza Neals and the Narcotics at Chan's in Woonsocket. We got a small taste of her talent at JCAST in Jersey City 2 years ago, and have been wanting to see her in concert ever since. She did not disappoint! Her normal guitarist Howard Glazer was sidelined with an injury, but session veteran Alan Schwartz did a great job filling in with 2 days notice, adding a lot of spontaneity and fun to the set. Got to say hello to Eliza before and after the show, and she was super sweet and gracious. And we got to hear one of Alan Schwartz's patented dirty jokes on our way to the car. Although Chan's is a bit of a drive for us, it is a great venue. It has superb sound quality. Tonight's crowd was not huge, but everyone was really into the performance, hanging on every note, and demanding an encore.